9. Kwaya's eyesight:

a) -2 and -2.5
b) -3 and -3.25
c) +1.5 and -4
d) -0.5, 0

10. And dimensions:

a) 96, 55, 82
b) 82, 55, 96
c) expanding and shrinkikng all the time

11. She entered graduate studies on:

a) Economics
b) Electronics
c) English literature

12. She is ex-champion in:

a) spitting
b) running
c) tennis

13. Kwaya's sister's name is Yolanda and she is successful:

a) bookkeeper
b) photographer
c) school teacher


KWAYA for beginners

1. Real Kwaya's name is:

a) Maya
b) Mary
c) Olivera
d) Jelena

2. Kwaya was born:

a) 1974 (I wish!)
b) 1969
c) 1965
d) 1962

3. Birthplace:

a) Berlin
b) Toronto
c) Belgrade
d) Budapest

4. Kwaya is author involved in:

a) photography
b) sculpture and installation
c) video
d) drawing and painting
e) short stories
f) none of the above
g) all of the above

 5. From what year :

a) 1992
b) 1996
c) 1995
d) 1990

6. Had how many exhibitions:

a) 8
b) 12
c) 18
d) 29 (I wish)

7. And video screenings:

a) 2
b) 6
c) 0
d) more then 7

8. Currently lives near:

a) Belgrade
b) Toronto
c) here and there and everywhere
d) NYC

14. Kwaya is also:

a) a loiterer
b) mechanical engineer
c) math tutor
d) yoga teacher
e) all of the above
f) none of the above

Every correct answer brings you one point:

1-c, 2-c, 3-c, 4-g, 5-c, 6-c, 7-d, 8-d, 9-b, 10-c, 11-b, 12-c, 13-b, 14-e

0-2: catastrophe; disaster; a real shame

3-7: so-so; you'll have to work harder to gain more knowledge

8-10: You're either big kwaya's fan or had a great deal of luck. In any case, congratulations !!!


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