For me art is not simple decoration. Art is not crafts. Art is not community time-passing. Art is not plain merchandise.

Art is self-expression-realization on one side, self-indulgence on both sides. Art is a need.

 I am an artist.



Digestion and Fifth Dimension

It is about: extracting a moment, aspect, idea either from reality or inner reality. Chewing it. Swallowing it. Digesting it. Developing it. Then transforming it into something different, utterly new. Something that wouldn't be there if it weren't for you. Process of making non-existing of existing and vice versa. In a word - it is bringing into being the fifth dimension.


... is what matters. Mediums are just means, something you can play with in order to realize and please her majesty - the big I.


To make art that's different, artist himself has to have a different view at things.